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Locust Industrial VB-1530 Vortx Brewer

The VD-1530 Vortx Brewer is a dual batch brewing machine capable of making 150 gallon or 300 gallon brew batches of nutrient tea.

The system is perfect for expanding farms that require a high quality brewer to create bio-dynamic cultures full of billions of micro-orgasms. Easily removable driver pipes allow for cleaning of the entire system. Dual Industrial duty Turbine Air Pumps have no diaphragms to replace ever. Dual 2" outlets for more flexibility in plumbing layout.

** All Products Ship Free **

* Dual Batch 150 / 300 Gallon

* Dual Industrial Turbine Air Pumps

* Dual 2" Outlets

* Removable Driver Pipes for Cleaning

* Reversible Vortex Direction

* Stainless Hangers for Tea Bags

* Durable Poly Stand

* 76” Wide x 61” High

* 16" Threaded Manway

* Standard 120V / 15A Power 

* 280 Pound Weight 

* Built to Order 

* Made In Oregon USA

* 5 Year Warranty 

 SKU- VB-1530


During farming season, Please call ahead for availability. We are working diligently to fill all orders in a timely fashion. All units are Built to Order and ship freight 4-6 Weeks. 

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