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VD-1480 Details

Length: 60“ - Width: 30“ - Height: 50“  (VD-1480-OR Height 54")
Weight: 480 Lbs
Power Type: Standard 120V - 15A
Throughput: 100 Lbs/Hour (Approximate)

Welded Steel Construction
Stainless Steel and A36 Powder Coated Steel 
All Stainless Steel Hardware
Removable Base for bench or automated installation

Easily removable Combined Motor, Speed Control and Safety Switch are all one unit 
Industrial Proven Variable Speed DC 1 HP Motor 
Motor comes with spare brush set located inside speed control

Reverse Speed Control is Line Voltage Compensated and Transient Voltage Protected
Air Cooled Speed Control is Factory set but is easily adjusted for:
Adjustable minimum speed (0-30% of max.) 
Adjustable maximum speed (66-110% of base) 
Adjustable IR compensation 
Adjustable linear acceleration (0.5-8 sec.)
Rated NEMA 4/12 ISO 9001 Compliant

Industrial Oil Filled Worm Drive Gearbox with sight glass eliminates servicing belts and chains

Calculated 4 HP at the Roller Surface
Shore A70 Durometer Roller Surface Hardness (equals high mileage automotive tire)
“Adjustable Spring Loaded Rollers” give way to the plant stem to preserve the roller surface
Rollers can be “Locked Down” for zero give by adjusting springs to zero (operator preference)

Hinged Semi-Driven AWD Upper Rollers easily open for cleaning access
10 Fully greaseable 4 Bolt Bearings at all stress points  

Easily Removable Stainless Steel Cutter Plates
Each Unit Includes a set (2) of each Round 6 Hole Cutter Plates and Star 4 Hole Cutter Plates
Pictures illustrate both Round 6 Hole (Left) and Star 4 Hole (Right)
Customized Cutter Plates and Cutter Plate Covers Available on Request

Full Factory 5 Year Warranty on defects of materials and workmanship (excludes rollers)

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